We are continuously in business from 1998 supplying of our very experienced crane-drivers to anywhere of Europe, Africa and USA where we were granted American B-1 visas apart from C-1/D to join a ship.

They are fully certified, internationally recognised possessing also the seaman's discharge books enabling them to perform the job on any flag vessels.

The team of our crane-drivers can handle any of such contractual jobs for any tonnage unlimited of any bulk cargo with the operations duration as required to work 24 hours round the clock including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Our crane-drivers are working on ship and staying on the vessel in crew quarters in two or three spare cabins.

After contacting with our office we will prepare the best quotation for Owners / Charterers all in basis lumpsum amount which will include:

1. The crane-drivers payment
2. The air fare to / from the vessel
3. The visas fees - if required
4. Insurance covering all risks at sea and on the vessel during disch. operations
5. The victualling and accommodation on board the vessel to be provided by the Owners or Charterers
6. Anything you may required etc
7. The Jupiter fee









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