Who is Who

Mr.Zygmunt Pastwa - the Chairman (The President) is responsible for the whole activity of Jupiter Shipping Services. Mainly involved into marketing of domestic and foreign relations.
He takes care of proper implementing and development of the system of quality according to the ISO 9002 standards.

Mr.Andrew Kapturek - The Vice - Chairman is responsible for the port activities (vessels and cargo services), as well as crewing for shipmanagement company Hesse Marine Consultants GmbH in Hamburg.
He pays special attention and makes sure that services rendered to our clients always meet their requirements of ISO 9002 standards.
  Ms. Joanna Klos - The Chief Accountant (very important person) is involved and responsible for all financial matters and accounts department, including also disbursements of the vessels and crew monthly allotments.
Mr.Tadeusz Szczytniewski - The Crew Dept. Manager is responsible for the complete crewing services and providing Polish seafares to the Owners Charles M.Willie in the number of 10 vessels - 100 people.
  Mrs. Bozena Adamczak-Glica - The Public Relations Crewing Manager renders complete crewing services to many Owners where providing Polish seafarers , is also responsible for the direct relations with candidates and correspondence exchange.

Mrs. Agnieszka Soboczynska -The Chairman's Assistant being responsible for the complete crane-drivers services, correspondence concerning documents of vessels services as well as crewing services. Also responsible for direct contact with candidates and correspondence exchange.

Armii Krajowej 13/2, 81-372 Gdynia, POLAND,Telephones: +48 58 661-75-64, +48 58 661-25-39, +48 58 661-25-47
V.H.F. Channel 78,Facsimile: +48 58 620-13-05, email: jupiter@jupitershipping.pl